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Are you looking for trained ABA therapist local to you?

You have heard that ABA can help your child but don't know how to proceed further?

Are you struggling to find ABA therapist to assist your child with their challenges after school / weekends?

Are you finding it difficult to keep you child's ABA programme within budget? 

Our deigned program focuses not just on behaviour change via ABA but also OT and other therapies

We understand your frustration!

Careforspecialneeds is a service, designed by and for parents having children with special needs, that takes away the time consuming, often frustrating process of running & managing your child's ABA program. 

We provide fully managed Applied Behaviour Analysis Program in London for children with autism by BCBA consultant and experienced tutors skilled at variety of behavioural intervention techniques to suit your child's bespoke needs. 

We provide advice on school statement / EHCP discussions and legal disputes with local authorities.


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How it works


Initial Consult


The first step is a consultation and review of existing reports. You will be asked to mail us copies of all relevant reports of your child (e.g. diagnostic reports, assessments, progress reports, and IEPs/EHCP as applicable (full confidentiality)). Once we have reviewed them, our team will come and play with your child for approximately 30 minutes and then spend an additional hour speaking with you. This is a free of charge service and helps us tremendously in thinking which of our team would be the best match.



Before designing an ABA/VB programme, a full behavioural observation and the VB-MAPP or ABLLS-R assessment will be conducted by one our consultants (BCBA/MSc qualified). Assessments consist of meetings and observations with the various stakeholders (family and school staff) and direct work with the individual to ascertain things in their learned history and physical makeup that can affect their behaviour. This will take over a period of 3-5 hours depending upon several factors (e.g. age, functioning level, number of environments needed to observe).

The key objective here is to collect information about actions that effect problem behaviour or motivation. Through this process the team then identifies the behaviour and define the potential likes / dislikes, environmental settings/events, & things to avoid. This is a vital step to develop a baseline working proposal that defines the current barriers to learning and working level of the individual. We will tell you which goals we will work on first and the direction we will take your child’s program. 

Programme Delivery


Once assessments are complete, services based on our clients’ needs and circumstances are customised. In the first few weeks of an ABA Programme personalised behaviour support plan will be created that outlines clear proactive and reactive strategies to manage behaviour based on data analysis and assessment conclusions. The meticulous planning ensures consistency amongst tutors and family on how to best respond to particular behaviours. These plans are regularly monitored and updated based on emerging data, staff feedback, direct observations, and are only implemented following consultation with the family and other professionals as appropriate. We encourage the caregivers to be actively involved in all aspects of the programs. This allows for quick generalisation as well as independence in support staff.

A typical ABA session will last around 3-5 hours. Our program builds instructional control, which means that we have a methodical approach to ensure that more often than not, when we provide your child an instruction, he or she will respond. For younger children or those not familiar to our programs, we typically work with the child in one room of the house. Once instructional control is gained in this setting, we expand to another room, and so on until we can go on community outings and hopefully to school. The decision to speed up or slow down this process is based entirely upon behavioural data. This data is readily available for the ABA Consultant to analyse, monitor and report on progress.

Monitoring & Workshops


Each ABA programme is based upon assessment by BCBA consultant, recommendations, ongoing observations  and best practices that determines individual outcomes and goals. For families running a full-treatment program (40 hours/week), this works out to be approximately 4-5 hours per month. Of course, this is flexible and we can do more when troubleshooting learning or behavioural difficulties and less when all goals are being quickly mastered. Supervision ensures that goals are being targeted in a consistent manner, that parental concerns are addressed in a timely fashion, and that all caregivers and educators receive continuous professional training. We ask that all members of the team (parents and support workers) participate in these meetings via discussion and demonstration, as well as take notes as necessary.

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